Reaktivierung Blog

Allgemeines Einiges an Zeit ist vergangen, vielleicht ist es wieder Zeit zu bloggen. Viele Gedanken die sich ansammeln. Einige Hobbies die Zeit verschlingen. Was hat sich getan? Die Katzen haben einen neuen Kratzbaum bekommen. Die drei bedeuten mir alles. Mir wird das Tag für Tag mehr bewusst. Apropos Freizeitbeschäftigungen. ich hab mir ein paar neue […]

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Hannes the Sheep

Project Hannes. Ok now you’re waiting for some explainations, first of all – I apologize since this blog is mainly (90%) in english and I have the strong feeling more people are able to understand what I write here, when I do it in english, I’ll carry on with this… Project Hannes was started by […]

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Quick Themechange

it’s been a while since i have given the blog some update on the style and it was really about time for a change, so far I’ve to admit I’m just testing a different contrast and therefore have installed a prepared theme, I’m pretty sure that the theme will change 1-2 times in the next […]

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Quick Gaming Update

After a nice Shadowrun Session this weekend was not very gaming heavy for me, luckily there were a few updates on other sites. E from Geeksdreamgirl has put up a nice interview with Phil the ChattyDM over here… Looks like all the guys from over-the-great-sea are caught by the GenCon hype. I have to admit, […]

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