2021 – starting with Doctor Sleep

Well, this year did start quite strange, after a few days at home, I’ve spent the first day at work, was fully engaged and felt fit – just to spend the 5th at home with an upset stomach after a rough night.

That said, with the three plush-cuddle-roughnecks everyday is a real pleasure. seeing them growing up quickly is heart warming and so incredible joyful.

Back to topic, after sleeping most of the 5th, I’ve started into the day with an ingenious Stephen King (Cosmos/Lovecraftian horror) inspired movie, Doctor Sleep, the official Shining II with Evan McGregor and I loved it. Rebecca Ferguson makes an excellent villain and the whole set is out to creep slowly into you, not harmful, but pleasantly inspiring a setting that seems real and could happen anytime. One of the best horror movies I’ve seen in a while, captivating, inspired and quite diverse. 9/10 precognitive points, but you know that already, didn’t you?

So, happy new year, let’s have a look if 2021 is a blogging year for me.

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