Barcelona 2022 – novè dia

Our last day in Barcelona for this vacation was at hand. We still had two of the total ten planned rooms for today up, two other rooms as we originally had twelve in preparation were cancelled due to lack of GM availability. So what was left to see? A marvellous zoo, which I would recommend anyone to see, it felt organic and had a comfortable size for taking a good walk.

Afterwards we enjoyed artisanal xurros making and even more the taste of it afterwards. We made a bit of fun in front of the local “skiing” store and again went for an excellent lunch, before we focused on the two rooms in front of us.

The last two rooms were again heavier on the stories, first Ulysses Spaceship – which was very enjoyable, but felt to me (a bit) second in class compared to Galactic Pioneers in Prag, which delivered even more on team interaction. Nevertheless the story is great, don’t get me wrong, GP is a good room, a recommendable one, just not as good as the one in CZ for me.

And then we had the final room of our (scaled down) Weekend Busters 2022 vacation. Personally this one delivered on the story, has great elements of design and if you like dystopian settings and have come along Fallout in your gaming days, you will enjoy a lot of easter eggs in this. Here our GM was an intense partner and made the room shine – so Vault 27 ends up being the room ranked #3 in my personal BCN escape room rating (our of preselected 10).

After ten rooms, excellent food and drinks, many hours of laughing and honestly I think roughly 150.000-200.000 steps in roughly one week, we set out for the final location, watching the sun setting over BCN. For this trip we take a few drinks and snack-food along and watch the sun go down, with some unexpected live-DJ and dozens of students and sunset-addicts from across the globe it seems. The “bunker” is a great location to enjoy the last hours of the day, just make sure you have some drinks with you. Location: Turo de la rovira, the battery viewpoint.

Thus ends a great vacation. To friendship – to love – to enjoying the next one again as five (@Christoph I’m talking to you) in Athens 2023, perhaps? Barcelona definitely won a sweet spot in my heart and we will be back not too far in the future.


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