Starcraft II and Rambo IV

It’s pretty nice what one can find if he is reading through various archives on the web – and this Web 2.0 hype is doing quite a thing to add to the fast spreading of news these days. I like this, really.

First interesting news of the day (for me) was
Starcraft II
is coming. For those of you that don’t know what Starcraft was or is – maybe you want to do a little research on Google. It is one of the most popular RTS (real-time strategy) games around. It is still played in various leagues (even though it’s around 9 years old), and it started an unmatched aera of online competitions around the world. As far as I know there are still very high prices on Starcraft games especially in Korea. It was famous for being the first game with an exceptional well balanced style even though there were three completely different races (the so called Protoss aliens, Zerg aliens and Human).
If you’re into RTS games, this is probably the thing you have been waiting for.

Have a look here.
Secondly another interesting newsline,
Rambo IV
is coming – I mean, do you remember Rambo? You probably know John Rambo, the one man that hardly spoke more than a few lines in a movie, but it was some kind of “cool” all way long. It was in midst of the cold war back then, and especially in Rambo III one could feel the open hatred for the russians. It seemed to me a bit like a vent for the Americans to let go of the frustrations of war. Might be they need that just now – again. Read through the pages of imdb to get a few hints on the storyline. I have to admit – I’m looking forward to it – besides the fact that I like Silvester Stallone, I’ve always liked the easy-going and action-filled war movies more than the deep-going and stomach-turning real anti-war movies. (Like Apocalypse Now…) There’s already a preview trailer available with around 3 and a half minutes of preview.

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