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First it was a sudden flew, and not it is work that is keeping me with incredible success from finalising just any blog-postings lately. Even time for reading was scarce in the last month. Still here you go with a few updates on blogs and recent useful tools I’ve encountered.

I started tonight’s reading through rpgbloggers.com with a wide smile on my face. While Tommi, over at Cogito, ergo ludo stated a clear and dry “War is boring” message, Mike from Campaignmastery has filed  “This means War” episode 1 and 2, both taking care of making a war-like scenario as good as possible. This could have been coordinated battle, but I really doubt it – it would probably mean WAR :).

Not that long ago I discovered, no actually some blogs made me discover RPGmp3 – a rpg-recording site, and it really is a great way to waste a few hours every now and then. In general I’ve thought about recording our gaming rounds quite a few times over the years, but I doubt it would really turn into something I would like to share. (Besides only those able to understand german could enjoy them after all…) But give rpgmp3 a try if you like stories of dungeons and a bunch of obviously great gamers who enjoy what they’re doing.

For my own campaign, I’ve given Bard of Valiant’s alchemy system a few thoughts, but haven’t completed a lot yet, probably it will take a few more weeks until I’m able to really use a bit of it in our gaming group. I’ve completed the freemind charts for planning the campaign options. I will focus on giving the characters all options they want – but as always after a break of Dungeon Mastering I’m a bit nervous on how everything will turn out. Over the next two days I’ll try to put everything I plan for this sunday afternoon (hopefully²) here and will compare it to what I’ve managed to and what were my particular upsides and downsides.

By the way, anyone up for a few plane-side adventures and ideas? I’ve been working on a few plane-side stories yet but I just started preparing a few sideplots that might take my campaign there. I’m particularly interested in the inner planes but haven’t read a lot on that subject yet. Would be interesting if someone with more knowledge of this topic is willing to share.

So much for the short update.

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  1. @Vulcan Stev: Plane-side meaning on the inner planes. In the cosmology of D20 systems it’s often given there are inner and outer planes, the inner ones focussing on raw elemental power.

    @Viriatha: Thanks, I try to keep it that way even during “those” working days ;).

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